Testimonial 0603
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Email #1

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got them and man do they look great..I LOVE them..How can i contribute to your testimonials. I'm thinking about ordering a pair of SUNGLASSES now..can i get that at the buy two rate? Man I LOVE you guys..

Then came email #2

I'm a young doctoral student, and for anyone who has endure graduate school would know, the budget is always tight. Hence when my old pair of specs broke (they were nice and GUESS) I was very concerned about whether or not I could afford a new pair that would be affordable and also be aesthetically pleasing. These two attributes are rarely found together but i found them here. I've been wearings specs for 11 years now and i've tried just about every major optical seller out there. Noone, I mean noone has been able to match the craftsmanship of these news specs. While I'm thrilled at the workmanship, the real value of this service is the customr responsiveness shown by Kam. Online buying can be an intrepid journey, but with Kam's reassuring messages I was never concerned. He went out of his way to make this transaction a truly painless and beneficial experience. I don't normally enquivocally endorse any product or service (I'm an academic so we're taught to be cynical) but I can't help myself on this occassion. Kam you're the best..

Thank you, [bow] thank you Richard [bow].


Richard Peters, Mar 2006