Testimonial 0504
(All comments unaltered, typos kept. Kam's response in bold red)
As one might expect, the glasses arrived the next day. I haven't written so I could take some time to try things out. I've never worn progressive lenses before now.

It's all an unqualified, smashing success.

The cases are superb hard shells (and wrapping the glasses in a cleaning cloth is a very nice touch). The frames are exactly as advertised. The lenses are perfect and crystal clear (Forgive me for ever doubting you ;-} ) and the edges are as polished as the surfaces. The frames bend where they should and how they should and also how and where they shouldn't. So, adjustment is a snap. (
don't be too surprised, it's our everyday quality )

And the price for all of this will keep you smiling for days.

Our little experiment with progressive reading glasses over contact lenses works like a dream. I can see and read again like I did at 18. And there is one unexpected perk: My eyes appear in their normal size through the glasses so my kids listen to me better. It's true, when it comes to your eyes, size _does_ matter.
(but didn't they say bigger eyes are more attractive? ) Just perfect, all around. I can't imagine why this hasn't been done before. 

Last, but certainly not least, the one feature of this whole deal that really kept it all together was you and your willingness to communicate with us and as well as you did
(if you don't mind my emails filling up your 80G harddisk). I spent a number of years as a wholesaler to retail stores and the one thing that I learned was that the single most important asset a retail business has is the _attitude_ of the person standing behind the counter (or, nowadays, answering the e-mail). Superstores with the widest selection and lowest prices will fail and corner shops with the smallest selection and highest prices will flourish because of this _attitude_(correction, MyEyeglasses.NET is an internet corner store with not-the-highest prices ). You've really got it and I really, really appreciate it.

Truthfully, this has been one of those rare, rare times when something that seemed somehow too good to be true turned out to be really true.


(Thanks for your email. I will keep up the work. Don't mind me kidding. )

Kenneth Fanyo, Apr 2005