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"I have worked in the optical field for the past 20 years and have yet to have seen such nice work at this great of a price" here
"Noone, I mean noone has been able to match the craftsmanship .." here
"It's all an unqualified, smashing success" here
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I AM THRILLED! what AMAZING SERVICE and UNBEATABLE PRICES! i wish you could somehow advertise your service to the poor customers at XXdollarglasses.com! (Ok, broke my promise, I did alter something ) you would have ALL of their customers in a week!!! these frames are so light and comfortable - and they LOOK GREAT! I LOVE THEM!!! you should see about opening a retail outlet in san francisco! your products would fly off the shelves!
Jeffrey Bugai, Jun 2009
My third order and delivery, in as many years, were impeccable as usual. Quality and efficiency where, again, fantastic. Thanks.
Vandegehuchte Luc
, May 2009
I'm INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!! Is it my imagination, or are these lenses actually better (higher quality) than the others? Everything seems so crystal clear and sharp! Anyway, I'm VERY happy...
Eliezer Blasberg, Apr 2009
I got the re-run of the glasses today - - everything is good they look great! I’ll definitely do order from you guys again and recommend you to folks…you have a nice product.

Thanks for all of your help on the back and forth related to correcting the original Rx issue…I appreciate your efforts.
(Jon had incorrect Rx in order. Fixed with a discount rework. )
Jon H.
, Mar 2009

Thank you so much, this is the best customer service I have received in many years. (You can put that in your testimonials.) But I feel like I should not get the pads and cloth - I was only suggesting that if you could stop the polarization it would avoid having to refund that cost.

Thanks again for handling this change.
(Jon requested to change lens option after glasses were made. No problem to do that, and with small gifts )
Jonathan Williams, Feb 2009

Thanks for the confirmation. The last pair I ordered are the best glasses I've ever owned, so it was an easy choice to come back for seconds.

Happy New Year to you too!

Benjamin Christensen, Jan 2009
Thanks. This is for my son, so a new generation is using myeyeglasses.net.
Greg Fawcett, Dec 2008
New Zealand
I received my glasses some time ago, but have only recently had the time to write.  I ADORE THEM!  They fit better than any glasses I've ever bought, they are trendy, sexy (sexy!? didn't know our glasses has such function ), and perfect in every way!  I've never been more pleased with a purchase, and you can bet I will return over and over again!  Thank you SOOOO much!
Michele Molina
, Nov 2008
Perfect, great quality, what else to say. I am telling to all my colleges that are Air traffic controllers as i work also as Air traffic controller in Albania, They hardly believe that the glasses were ordered online. Great job. Thank you very much Kam.
Altin Cenaliu, Oct 2008
I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service and superb eyeglasses craftsmanship. I received my glasses yesterday. They are stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. Unlike other eyeglasses, your (or I should say my) eyeglasses do not distort the size of my eyes. My husband loves my glasses and he will be ordering a pair for himself soon.

Thank you again for providing a way for us to purchase good-looking, high quality, and affordable eyeglasses.

Judy Yip
, Sep 2008
Thank you very much for the sunglasses, they arrived today and they are very beautiful, masterwork, excellent, I am going to buy more rimless eyeglasses of you, again thank you very much Kam!!
C. D. Lansen, Aug 2008
the Netherlands
 Thanks Kam you rock! (YEAH! ) Manmeet Kaur, Jul 2008
I got your URL from my son Ryan. A couple of months ago he said he was going
to order glasses online. I told him to be careful because an optical prescription was not like ordering a shirt or pants online. When he told me the price (low) I again reminded him to be careful, but after he received the glasses and was so satisfied with the product (quality, price, fast delivery) I decided to get my prescription filled with you. I look forward to getting the three pair I ordered.

Calvin Barlow
, Jun 2008
Utah, USA
The glasses arrived and the kids were ecstatic.  "It feels like I'm not even
wearing glasses" - High School Freshman Son ; "Perfect functional style with
no moving parts, elegantly simple" - College Freshman Son. I'll send you a
family photo.

Ron Zebal
, May 2008
 ...My daughter likes her pair better than the $250 designer glasses she has. I'm looking groovy, baby. Thanks for the good work....
Michael Radloff
, Apr  2008
 I have the 1st pair and we can't believe how GREAT everything turned out! This was the EASIEST purchase of glasses for me in the last 10 years. You and your staff are to be commended. My wife is still in disbelief and very happy for me. The rx seems right on target and the rims and glasses look great.
Lee Comeau
, Mar 2008
I received my eyeglasses and I have only one word for you and your products - FIRST CLASS. I have used glasses for 20 years theese are by far the best. They feels so right and looks expensive. My last glasses was 1500 us dollars in Denmark - for ONE pair and they broke after 2 years. My dealer just gave me the finger. Now I can give him one back (excuse me)(LOVE THIS ONE! ) I will soon place a order for glasses for my wife. I will spread your webshop products to all my friend and business people. Regards and thanks
Soeren Rasmussen, Feb 2008
 Thx Kam, Happy New Year to you also.  Your service is faster than 2007. :-)
Ourian Francis
, Jan 2008
Who's better than you?


David Hrkach, Dec 2007
 Got my glasses yeterday. they were absolutely fantastic, it fitted like a glove, the grey tint was just too beautiful...
Taofeeq Ahmad
, Nov 2007
...they are so perfect, I even don't realize that I am wearing eyeglasses, this is amazing! Thank you so much for the resizing / adaptation to my special needs, it has been done meticulously and perfectly!
Ulrike Renezeder, Oct 2007
What a very good job your craftsmen have done! The first thing my wife said when they arrived was, "you got something from Hong Kong in a very small package... how did it not get lost?" So I asked her to open the package to inspect. Her only words were, "you're REALLY gonna like these." ...and Kam, I do.
Mike Cusson
, Sep 2007
... I was blown away by the quality of these frames ... I have worn glasses for 22 years and can honestly say that these are the nicest pair I have ever owned...
Jordan Ruch, Aug 2007
... The optician was impressed with the quality of the glasses, but I didn't have the heart to tell him how much (actually how little) they cost :-)
Gilbert Inkster, Jul 2007
Received the eyeglasses today. Can one person have too many eyeglasses? Not if Kam makes them! Until next time, thank you.
Dr. Wepman
, Jun 2007

Testimonial page getting too long. One piece per month from this point on ... 

... Your customer service alone is worth a great deal and your prices on eyeglasses are outstanding. I bought from you and I have vision insurance which would pay for my glasses if I bought elsewhere. But I would rather pay for your glasses and service than to use the insurance I have. That should say something very positive about your business.
Bob Warren
, May 2007
... My girlfried loves them. Bonus points for you guys!
Rob Nilles
, May 2007
My glasses have arrived this weekend and I am delighted with them. It was all worth waiting for. Seeing my enthousiasm, my husband has decided to get a prescription and order one for himself.
Martine Hornby, Apr 2007
I just received my glasses today… they look great! (My boss has been yelling at me to take my shades off inside the office ;0) ) Thank you again for all your help. I will be placing another order soon.
Cynthia Archie
, Apr 2007
.. ..all glasses arrived in good shape and it was the first time I ordered some for my teenage daughter and she LOVES them.  Thanks so much.
Marie Morris, Mar 2007
I received my glasses today.  They are fantastic!  They are the best quality and my difficult prescriptions (a -4.00 cylinder) were filled perfectly.  This is the first time this has ever happened.  Nobody gets them correct the first time except for you.  You and your Company are amazing.  I am so happy that I am going to place another order today.
Heather Truncer, Mar 2007
You are too good to be true, Kam. There are so many scam artists that promise a good price for something and give us garbage. They even provide fake testimonials to trick people into thinking they are honest and their product is good. You are the real thing and I appreciate you and the way you do business. I'm so glad I found you! (this is the 3rd paragraph from you I post on this page. Darlene, you write testimonials as good as our lab make eyeglasses )
Darlene Fawaz
, Feb 2007
The glasses were of excellent quality and were a perfect fit. Just holding the glasses one can tell that they are of very high quality. The service too was equally fabulous
Sunit Sachdev, Mar 2007
Illinois, USA
They came yesterday. VERY impressed! I just had a pair (regular, everyday) made at a local place, and they were way more than these cost, and, I much prefer the way the lenses were ground on my pair from you- I have a gradient lense, and your opticians did a superb job. You can look forward to more orders from me and my family!
Michael McGaw
, Jan 2007
Thanks Kam. I worry about nothing knowing you are handling it then. Your customer service is so excellent and I always feel like things are in such good hands. I enjoyed my last pair of glasses I received from you, there was absolutely no reason to go elsewhere.
Jeri Bentley, Feb 2007
.. ..Your new case is also a great improvement over the black box which might
work better as a hot dog case.
(Thanks, I take that as compliment .. ..
Richard Leader
, Dec 2006
We received the glasses. They are FABULOUS!! Great work. They are totally cutting edge rimless glasses. We will definitely be ordering from you again!!
Gregory Spraul, Jan 2007
Maryland, USA
Thanks a lot for the F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C service you provide.
Vandegehuchte Luc
, Nov 2006
You are my new hero!!!!!!  (thank you , thank you
Louise Ambut, Dec 2006
(Luciana ordered a new pair of eyeglasses because ... )
My dog loves chewing glasses.
(Well, pats don't lie. Eyeglasses from MyEyeglasses.NET are tasty.)

Luciana Richer, Nov 2006

i usually don't sent letters complementing stores for doing their business.  i may have written two letters in my long life.  however, i must make an exception in your case. 

the glasses were beyond anything i thought they could be.  the style was great.  the lenses were of the highest quality.  i will use your websites for future glasses.  i'm looking forward to the next pair.
Ernest Townsend
, Nov 2006

Everything went perfectly! The glasses are so lightweight, crystal clear,  and beautifully crafted. Even the cases were better than the ones I got at local eyeglass stores. Thanks!
Karen Cavey
, Oct 2006
that being said,,,,,the glasses are
great,,,,,fit perfect,,,,prescription
perfect,,,,,workmanship perfect,,,,I would do it again,,,even with the wait,,,you can use any or all of this as a testimonial.....Thanks
(so I did )
Conrad j Smith
, Oct 2006
I cannot tell you how happy I have been with my new glasses.  When they arrived and I opened the package I just could not believe how beautiful they were.  These two pairs are my favorite of any pair I've ever owned. I especially love the photochromic lenses on my second pair!
Tracy Donohue
, Sep 2006
PS By the way the glasses I got from you earlier this year are light, nice
job and to be honest the most conveniet I have owned , so thank you very much..:)

pawel lach
, Sep 2006
(Leonard serves in Iraq. Order took 2 months to get there but it arrived!)
I would just like to say that I"m so sorry for doubting your service. I got my glasses in the mail yesterday along with the Myeyelasses apron.
(Leonard, that our free gift bag. If you get to cook someday over there. You will find out that apron is in fact a gift bag from us ) The new glasses are really great there so light and fit perfect . They were well worth the wait. I apologize for my impatience . Now I know who to trust when it comes to ordering glasses online. Well thanks
PFC P?????, Leonard (classified)
, Aug 2006
Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all your help. I was very skeptical about purchasing glasses over the internet; but after all our many, many emails, I feel much more comfortable. Also, I was very impressed when you were so honest with your replies. Keep up the wonderful service.
Diana Yat
, Aug 2006
Who's better than you?

David M Hrkach
, Jul 2006

I got my glasses today. They are great.... and exceeded my expectations.I shall tell my friends.

The world is truly shrinking before our eyes when we can do business around the glode so effortlessly.

Lawrence Motley
, Jul 2006
New Orleans, USA
Hello i got the glasses today only after a week and the glasses are great, i have never had a pair of glasses with the lenses so clear.
this is a great quality frame and awsome quality lenses, very stylish as well
thank you so much

Salman Lakhani
, Jun 2006
I got my glasses today. They are great.... and exceeded my expectations.I shall tell my friends.

The world is truly shrinking before our eyes when we can do business around the glode so effortlessly.

Russell Rylant
, Jun 2006
New Orleans, USA
This is my second pair. I loved the others but my dog chewed them up...
(according to statistics, doggies and babies are good friends of Kam's )
Russell Rylant
, May 2006
YES! they are in, thank you SO much! Just in time for my prom! I got a few opinions from my friends, they are really jealous and said they look great!! Thanks so much, i cant wait to show em off tomorrow!
Steven Thibaudeau
, Apr 2006
I got my glasses after 9 days. I was quite surprised to see them so quickly, that was fast!!. When i opened them the only thing i could say was WOW!. The workmanship is excellent. I had to get the same pair of rimless glasses made up 3 times in Ireland because they kept messing them up, but the ones i ordered from you were perfect in every way. My Mam will be ordering from you soon most likely and i'd say many of my friends will take your option the next time they need a pair of glasses. With you on the market all Irish dealers should be ashamed of themselves!!!
PS. cheers for the free pair(first one to order in Ireland ;) Yay!)

(Well, only a "delivery accident" that it got there that quickly. But hey, quick delivery is not our specialty, quality is)
Owen McCarthy
, Apr 2006
My eyeglasses arrived today, the glasses look good and finally it was not too big to my face, thanks to you.

I will recommend you to my friends who needs glasses, absolutely!!
(See, custom sizes work well. )
Sari Isoaho
, Mar 2006
I had a problem with my others today. We have very windy weather. I was getting out of my car and got hit by a 40 MPH gust of wind that tore my new glasses off my face and dropped them in front of a speeding car. There's not much left to worry about. Please duplicate my last order as that pair was excellent.
Anthony Street
, Mar 2006
... i heard about your glasses from my twin brother - Brian. He's recently ordered 2 more pairs of glasses from you and is very happy. I ordered the same shape (oval jr.) because i was able to see how they would look on me by seeing a picture of them on him!
(Kam just discovered the convenience of having a twin brother. Know what to ask mom for in the next birthday. )
Rob Baron
, Feb 2006
BEST PAIR OF GLASSES IN MY LIFE. I have been wearing eyeglasses for 32 years. These are the best pair of glasses I have owned. Light weight, superb clarity, very well made, very durable, and thoughtful extras(hard case, and cleaning cloth)both very good quality. I have been wearing your 1/4 oz titanium glasses for a year now and they are like the day I received them. Just wanted to see how they performed  with two young childern around to grab them, and me(very hard on glasses). Most of the earlier frames I owned didn't last this long(distroyed), or in need of serious repair. You have a customer for life. Wonderful workmanship, awesome pricing. Keep up the good work.

Barry Swirles
, Feb 2006
I have to admit when I first came across your website I was quite skeptical that you could offer quality rimless eyeglasses at those prices... I received them today and I am skeptical no more. The quality is high and the look is perfect. And you didn't cut corners with polished edges and anti-reflective coating! In fact, I like them so much I will be ordering another pair today. You just earned a new lifetime customer, thanks for exceeding my expectations!
Scott Bell
, Jan 2006
Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I received my glasses and I'm very happy. You did a great job with the custom shape, as I knew you would. The quality of the square temple frame surprised me, very nice. Thanks again, and hopefully I'll be talking to you in a year or two.
Timothy Dyer, Jan 2006

... The glasses were ground at least as well as my expensive optical-boutique 'designer' ones that broke so easily, and I paid you around 1/3rd-1/4th the price. I am happy to tell my friends about this great deal, and look forward to the next time I need more!
Your communication, which is most important, was fine, as well...

Chuck Sylvester, Dec 2005

When it comes to my last order: All three glasses are perfect! I was especially excited about the progressive lenses as they were for my dad. So far I
can say: They did meed all expetations and after one weeks it looks like he loves them! Regarding the new frame model "Rimless Hinged Hingeless": I think that one will be a winner! It's already my favorite...

Aydan Drin, Dec 2005
The glasses are wonderful.

I would like to order two more pairs...one pair of sunglasses and one
regular ...
Brian Baron, Dec 2005
I had a client whom I dealt with in the state of Wisconsin and as we were doing business and talking (she was wearing glasses) and I mentioned I needed a new pair she suggested for me to look at hers and compare it to another she owned I could not tell the difference, but one was yours and that was about 250.00 cheaper. I was sold so after I got my prescription I ordered me another pair to try them out. That's my story of how I found you.
Mark Witbeck, Oct 2005
I just received my new glasses and they are great. Within two hours of wearing them, a total stranger asked me where I got my glasses because she liked them so much. I told her your web site and she will be a new customer for you.

Thank you for answering my questions and thank you for your high quality, low cost business.

Mark Campagna, Oct 2005
Recieved my glasses.  They are just awesome.  I am raving about them to all my friends.  Expect orders in the future.  You are the real deal.
Paul Sayah, Oct 2005
Howdy!! Janie & I received our glasses today. We have been modeling them for everyone in our office. We are very pleased.
Janice Menelaides, Sep 2005
... you were the only truly discount site where I could actually contact a human being.
Martha Hertz, Sep 2005
My second set of glasses arrived a couple of days ago, everything was once again of great quality.  When I need more glasses, I know exactly where to go,  Myeyeglasses.net. Take care. (Sounds like a commercial but I love it )
Marie Morris, Sep 2005
Dear Kam, Thank you so much for taking care of me.  Your customer service, so highly touted in testimonials on your site, is proving itself to me as well.
Scott Bailey, Aug 2005
I received your website info from my brother-in-law, Bernard. He was so impressed by your site and asked that I look into it. His glasses look beautiful and he is very, very particular about these technical types of things.  I really thought you did a great job on them.
Kyoung Kwon, Aug 2005
New York, USA
My eyeglasses arrived yesterday and I am thoroughly satisfied.  The experience I have had with you has been the best ever with an online purchase.  The glasses were perfect.  The prescription right and the workmanship flawless.  You have one satisfied customer here and I will be doing business with you again.  Thank you for making this fun.
Marie Morris, Aug 2005
I just received my eyeglasses and I wanted to tell you that I LOVED THEM! I have worked in the optical industry for 14 years and I was a little skeptical but you proved me so wrong. Your craftsmanship was superb! I will definetly be ordering another pair and will be looking for another pair for my husband as well. Thank you so much! You will be hearing from me soon!
Michelle Ortiz, July 2005
New York, USA
I received my new eyeglasses last Friday. Super quality for low budget - I´m absolutely satisfied!
Hans Christmann, July 2005
As long as I wear glasses MyEyeglasses.NET will be the ONLY place I purchase my rimless eyeglasses (ha ha, really conscious that we only offer rimless eyeglasses ). From day one I was conplimented over 10 times. When asked where I got the new "specs" I was close to keeping it a secret. But I figured the more business they get the longer they'll be around. So I tell everyone who asks, and sometimes those who don't ask, where I received the hottest pair of eyeglasses I've ever seen. Satisfied 1000 times over. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to doing business with you again.
"America's Protector" 
name classified ), July 2005
From the professional quality controller who promised to be picky and would return imperfect eyeglasses:
Hi Kam----this testimonial is from the quality control inspector from MICHIGAN USA.Received my second order of the 3 pair special recently and i will be keeping all 3 pair--no returns. 

1 pair only had a minor scratch in the center of the right lense--only noticeable under flourescent lighting.Since the scratch does not affect the prescription,i will not be returning it----not worth the shipping fee to send back. (other sites may skip this paragraph but we kept it. No one is perfect.

I realize creating  perfect lenses consistently is nearly impossible. All 3 frames are very good and solidly attached to the lenses. 

Thank you and keep your prices low and your quality high.
Steven Pomper, July 2005

The glasses arrived this morning ... an amazing ten days since I placed my order. To put this in perspective, most of the opticians I have visited in the UK were unable to turn round a pair of glasses this quickly (hey, the post office went nuts this time, don't count on them to deliver this quick next time. They are more likely late than early! )

The fit and the vision is perfect and the quality of the finish is
excellent. The glasses are great. As good as anyting I have been looking at in the UK costing up to seven times more. It is a bonus to get a decent hard case too that is actually able to hold these hingeless frameless glasses without putting any strain on the frames.
Richard Miles, June 2005

Got the order.  Thanks for the good service and the good deal on eyeglasses (even my local eye doctor thought it was a good deal).
Carmen Tripodi, May 2005
... my favorite glasses - wear them all the time - get lots of compliments
with them....

Andrea Sladeck, May 2005
After a rare mail lost and a free reshipment:
Just two lines to tell you that the glasses arrived perfectly!!! Thank you very much. I am very happy now. Hope you have not too many problems with the post offices
Virginia Gayo, May 2005
I really love my glasses.  Friends can't believe they were <$100.
Brenner Boyd, May 2005
Since I've now ordered three more pair of eyeglasses, I guess it's obvious that I was pleased with my first order of three. I have to admit that I was somewhat nervous about that first order.  I wasn't sure if any glasses would come at all--and, if they did come, whether they would be any good.  But they came earlier than I expected, and they are absolutely perfect. They are the best glasses I've seen, every bit as good as the $600+  glasses you see in some stores.  Send me about six of your business cards with my order, and I will give them out when people ask me about my glasses.
Brent Cunningham, Apr 2005
I just received my eyeglasses. Once I got over my well trained American need for instant gratification, the wait was quite tolerable. And the result is truly great. Thanks for a great product. The best use of the internet I have found so far.
Dennis Gross, Apr 2005
Ricardo Torrei
, Mar 2005
my $500 titanium frames broke over 6 months ago......i couldn't afford to replace them with anything i liked.....so i have been living in my contacts since then.....needless to say i am excited beyond belief.... and i've seen your work, so i am not worried at all....

thanks again (i am sure i'll be saying that alot : -) )

Sarah Weiskopf
, Mar 2005
Hi and how are you? By every definition possible, you are what I would call a great business man. I thank you for the responding to my inquiries and furthermore to providing that refund and the free upgrade to the thinner lenses. I know that as long as I am in pursuit of a new pair of glasses or I know anybody looking for some, you will be the first person I recommend...


I am really looking forward to getting the new glasses, the trip coming up this Friday is a big deal and I have not doubt I will have a number of people asking where I acquired my glasses from. In addition I know that with them I will be the most stylish individual in the group.


Once again Kam thank you for everything, I know we will do business again soon.
Dennis Kinuthia
, Feb 2005

Received my glasses a lot earlier than expected and they we're absolutely great! I have a pair of rimless I bought at a local chain for over $400 and your glasses are just as good if not better for a fifth of the price!! I immediatly ordered 3 more pair!! Quality service, great price and awesome product !! Keep doing exactly what you are doing !!
Sean Angelesco
, Feb 2005
They were the most comfortable glasses I've ever owned .. .. .. Now I can't imagine ever going back to the old technology. You have spoiled us with your fine products and your fine service. It is all very much appreciated!
Kay Casteel
, Jan 2005
I got your product couple of days ago and i"m very pleased with them.  They as good or better than my Silhouettes and half the price.  The eyeglasses case is better than their plastic ones too
Enrico Tan
, Jan 2005
The best news is that the postman man has just been with my free glasses as they say in Denmark Tusind Tak  (a thousand thanks) they look great. We are spreading the news about myeyeglasses to all of our friends, but most people are a bit cautions about buying things over the net. I was also bit worried in the beginning but you have lived up to all of my expect ions, thanks a gain.
Douglas Graham
, Dec 2004
Hey Kam, Just a quick note to let you know I received my glasses today and of courses they are perfect!
Silas Lewis, Dec 2004
I got my repaired glasses back in the mail last week. They are as good as new.
Sorry I have been too busy to write back to thank you.

You without doubt provide one of the best customer service on the internet for online buying! You can quote me on that.

Believe your business will grow in leaps and bounds if you keep up your good

James Hoe
, Oct 2004
Just picked up my new glasses at the P.O. today. I cannot say enough about them! I ordered these late one night from  you, and they were to be my first pair of progressives. I also went out the next day and ordered a pair here in L.A. at a nice boutique (they are ic!berlin which I paid $700 for).

I picked up theirs last week. I picked up yours today ($112 with the progressive lens option) and am totally impressed!!! They are comfortable, the prescription is absolutely perfect and the style is quite trendy...I thought they might be sort of frumpy looking, but I was wrong. These are perfect in every way. And to think I could have bought 7 for what I paid for that one pair.

You have a HUGE fan here in Los Angeles! They arrived much sooner than I expected. I wish everyone knew. Brilliant!

Janet Wise
, Oct 2004
After 2 mailing address mistakes, 1 order detail mistake, Kam mails the order a 4th time - finger crossed there won't be a 5th time:
Well considering all that we've been through together, I don't know how I'll ever say goodbye :-}, at any rate I appreciate your hard work and effort regarding this order and apologize for any lack of patience I have demonstrated toward you. You have gone beyond the call of duty in making sure that this order was fulfilled. Take care and I look forward to our next contact and receiving my glasses again ;-).
Alicia Bell
, Sep 2004
I'll tell you Kam. You are THE BEST! 
I can only show my appreciation for your excellent service and product by spreading the word around and getting you more customers. As long as you are in business I will never have my glasses bought or made anywhere else! Many thanks from you happy customer

Katerina Emmanouilidou, Sep 2004
2nd pair is excellent - just like the 1st! I'll never buy glasses anywhere else
Kimberly Kraus, Sep 2004
Customer input wrong Rx in order. He returned it and had new lens reinstalled at a small fee:
got em!!! thank you soooo much for all of your help. I know I was a pain but, WOW, I love my glasses!!!! are those extra lenses or the old ones?? You guys are the best, I will strongly recomend you to all of my friends...let me know if you are looking for a sales rep out here,
because you guys sure have quality products!!!!

Faisal Baig
, Sep 2004
This is not really a testimonial, but fun story to read:
Believe it or not, I was kayaking the Housatonic River in Massachusetts and happened to be wearing my many-hundreds-of-dollars glasses (I had never spent more than $100 on glasses until last Spring when I "sprung" for rimless deluxe at a local Pearle Vision with my wife urging me on) when we capsized in very mild white water and my wonderfully light titanium glasses went flying never to be seen again (my friends metal frames stayed on).  I went back to Pearle who said they would given me $50 off after my "loss".  I could hardly afford the $700 the first time and certainly could not a second time...

Gerald Tuckman
, Aug 2004
Hi Kam, my glasses arrived today and boy am I happy with them! I don't know how you do the measurements so well but
they fit better than the last ones I bought from the Optometrist for about 3 times as much as these cost!

Don Borden
, Aug 2004
... I can attest that both of us are extremely happy with the glasses! I have a pair of ralph lauren polo frames that I paid in excess of $250.00, and they fit horribly (they are constantly slipping down on my nose).  The pair I received from you fit like a glove, with a perfect prescription!!!!
Chris Reed
, July 2004
I met a lady at a horse show in Arizona that had used your company and she gave me your website.  She had the same glasses as my wife but I can assure you my wife paid a lot more for them.
Tom Whelan
, June 2004
North Carolina, USA
It has been a while since I order eyeglasses from you. I went to have my eyes checked up yesterday and my eye doctor was very much impressed by your eyeglasses. He will contact you soon.
His name is ...

Yonnara Keng
, June 2004
... as usual thanks and cant wait to see them. my coworkers wont shut up about the glasses.
Ark Shuman, May 2004
Alberta, Canada
Here is one equation that i can form from your website. Superb Service + Splendid Communication + Terrific Prices = Many Delighted Customers
Ed Lim, May 2004
My 7th pair of glasses from Kam and every one is PERFECT!! I love them!!!!
Darlene Fawaz, Apr 2004
I just couldn't wait to tell you how much I love my new specs!!! ... I have been wearing my new glasses for about four days now....I look marvellous!! (Well, the glasses do anyway!) ... My husband, the optician was surprised, but they came without any problem. He adjusted the nose piece and the ear pieces to fit my face, but other than that: they arrived in perfect conditiion. This was the most (I mean the most) enjoyable experience I have ever had in 27 years of purchasing eye-wear! Thanks so much! ...I was previously eye-fashion disabled, eye-wear challenged, but now, thanks to you, I have the new hip, light and fabulous frames, that are just right for me.
Tricia O'Connor, Apr 2004
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hello Kam, What a wonderful pair of glasses..I am amazed. Above all the speedy and fastest service,that I have ever experienced online...
Amir Hassan, Apr 2004
Ontario, Canada
My new eyeglasses arrived via Airborne Express today nine days after I placed my order.  They far exceeded my expectations!  They are of a fit and finish that I couldn't find locally at any price.  This is the first pair of prescription glasses that I have ever worn, and I will definitely be ordering sunglasses and several more pair from you.  My wife and daughter are also ordering some. I was skeptical of ordering something so personal online, but I was wrong.  Your e-mails and service have been exceptional...
Joe Orsulak, Apr 2004
Louisiana, USA
This is my first time to wear eyeglasses myself but you will be surprised to know that I grew up within the industry. I currently work for an eye doctor ... The reason why I'm telling you all of these information is to let you know that I appreciate the service and value you are offering and that even assistants like me who know about costing of frames and lab work decided to trust you with my pesonal pair of eyeglasses ...
Daisy Samonte, Mar 2004
Today I received my eyeglasses in the mail. Once again, you have outdone yourself, my friend. They are truly a work of art. The frames and lenses improve my appearance 100%...
Tom Steele, Mar 2004
(repeat customer, previous comment below)
Even though these are the least expensive glasses I have owned, people always acknowledge them and say that they are cool.  It's nice to know you can save money and still be stylish.
Boyd Corbett, Feb 2004
I just wanted to tell you that my eyeglasses just arrived and they are fabulous. They are better than my Mother's Silhouettes that she paid $500 for so I am very happy. You did a wonderful job and I will be happy to refer my friends to your business.
Kelli Perriello, Feb 2004
Thanks so much for my glasses ... I get many compliments on them, and a co-worker was very upset to learn he paid over $400 for the same type of glasses!
Chris Davis, Feb 2004
... Mr. Leung, Service like yours is VERY VERY Hard to find ...
Roe Escobar, Jan 2004
...I have gotten use to the lightness of these and could never go back to my old pair! Everyone that sees these glasses who wears glasses are amazed at the lightness and the cost! I am giving your website out to everyone I know ...
Randy Grubb, Jan 2004
... My mom loves her glasses and is telling everyone. She even tells complete strangers.
Eunice Gregg, Nov 2003
My glasses came today in the middle of a snowstorm..what a supprise! All I can say is "WoW". Light is an understatement...feels like a Snowflake.
Joseph Elie, Dec 2003
I must say that the pairs of eyeglasses i have recieved are by far the absolute best pair ever. I have been recieving complements everyday with each new pair of glasses.My parents admire these glasses and plan on purchasing their next pair from you. ThIy are truely the best and i can't wait to purchase another pair.
Joshua Harris, Oct 2003
 ... All I can say is AWESOME! Not only did you save me a pile of money, they really are better quality than I could get here locally, and the prescription is spot on!
Randy Grubb, Nov 2003
Your web site and your service are unbelievable. It is already hard to choose a frame and lenses without physically going to a store but you make so easy.
Sid Boujelal, Sep 2003
 ... I'm speechless.  I love them. You wouldn't believe the substandard junk that I've been shelling out hundreds of dollars for at my local eyewear office ... I want you to know that the details that you have put into these glasses are recognised and highly admired. You are an eyeglass Artist !
Darlene Fawaz, Sep 2003
I got the glasses today. They are FANTASTIC! I can't tell enough people about them and I am sure they will be buying some. This is the best find of the year for me!
Bridget Miller, Jul 2003
Just got back from picking up the eyeglasses. This is just WONDERFUL... I am more than happy :) I will let everyone know about this ... don't be surprised if you suddenly get alot of clients from Australia :) I don't know how else to thank you :) but THANK YOU ...

Iris Sirbough
, Aug 2003
NSW, Australia
My glasses arrived today and I love them. They are just perfect, so light and pretty, as if the lightest butterfly has settled upon my nose. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Miss S. Pickering
London, UK
 The eyeglasses are making in high quallity, i am very glad about.
Dimitri Geng
I just received my new rimless glasses and, I've got to tell you, they are like pure art....just beautiful. I am beyond happy... cannot find a word adequate to express my total satisfaction. I am a permanent customer of yours, as will be all my friends and relatives when they see the magic you've created.

Thank you SO much! Now, to go out and see the world!

Tom Steele
The glasses are awesome. I love the sunglasses they are crafted with such professionalism. I hope you will be around when I have a new prescription so I never have to pay full price.
Stephen Lee
... THEY ARE THE COOLEST!!!!. they are perfect!!!!, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! ...
Jorge Collazo
 I got my glasses early last week and I have to say the quality is first-rate. The frames are beautiful and the craftsmanship is excellent! ... I am quite satisfied! I've received many compliments and even an optical store where I had them adjusted thought they were beautiful.
Craig Stillman
THANK YOU very much for the eyeglasses. They far exceeded my expectations!
Allen Lieberman
... got the glass yesterday, it was worth waiting for ...
Kelly Park
... I got my glasses. I put them on. I look great. Thanks!!!
Mark Yorio
... thanks for the extra effort to deliver the order in time. That is what I call customer service ...
Ann Leuszler
Alberta, Canada
... the glasses are as good as what I can get here - only at less than half the price! I will be back.
Octavia Akin
... it's well worth the waiting ...
Paula Carty
Hi Kam, I didn't think ordering prescription lens online is right but you proved me wrong. I can't be happier with my new glasses.
Tracy Duvall
Hi Kam! Got my glasses---love em! thanks!
Jody George
Quality product. Fast shipping ... I am VERY satisfied!
John Lau
Awesome glasses and speedy delivery from overseas ...
Sylvie Aviram