Frame Size Information for Rimless Eyeglasses

  The frequently mentioned numbers
  Frame size appears as, e.g., "48-19-145", or sometimes dropping the first number, "19-145".
  "48-19-145" is "lens width - bridge size - temple length" in millimeter (mm)
  Illustrated below, lens width = "A", measured at the widest part
  bridge size = "D"
  temple length = "T" (we measure from the turn of the hinge to end of temple)
  The less frequently mentioned measurements
  Lens height = "B", measured at the tallest part
  Overall width = "W". On, you may specify overall width to makes rimless eyeglasses fit!
  What you can/cannot specify with your order
  "D" is fixed with the frame, can't be specified
  Either "W" or "A" can be specified. They are dependent variables. Specify one and we will work out the other. If you specify both, one may work out in contradiction with the other.
  "B" can be specified. However if you don't specify, we will work it out in proportion with "A"