Eyeglasses Lens Options

Available lens option on MyEyeglasses:
  1. 1.61 super high index lenses - thinner than high index lenses
  2. 1.67 ultra high index lenses - even thinner lenses
  3. 1.74 super ultra thin lenses - thinnest lenses
  4. tinting - regular tint
  5. tinting w/ anti-reflection coating - don't want to see your eye's reflection in the lens
  6. anti-radiation - for computer workers
1.61, 1.67 and 1.74 index lenses offer extra thinness for your lenses. If you have a strong prescription, you can knock "circles" off your eyeglasses by choosing thinner lenses. 
  1) 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74 index lenses all come with AR coating, UV, and scratch coatings.
  2) Here is a guide to help you choose the right index:
Lens Index vs. prescription power
sphere < 3.00 3.00 
< sphere <
sphere > 5.00 option cost
(default lens)
1.57 high index
good fair not so good $0
1.61 super high  below 1.00
close to 1.57
good fair $15
1.67 ultra high  below 3.00
close to 1.61
good good $28
1.74 super ultra      good for
8.00 or above

1.74 index super ultra thin lens is the thinnest lens but it comes at a cost.
  1) option cost $89
  2) Comes with AR coating, UV, and scratch coatings.
  3) Not recommended under 6.00 (technically possible but wasting money). Good for power over 8.00.
  4) If you need manual arrangement ordering 1.74 index lens, feel free to contact Kam for assistance.
Regular tinting is solid tint throughout the lens. Tint dark (cuts 70% light) for outdoor sunglasses and 10% for a cool fashionable look.
  1) Anti-UV and anti-scratch coatings are included, but not anti-reflection coating.
  2) Advantage: your eyes hide behind the sky's reflection and you look cool.
  3) Disadvantage: you see your own eye's reflection in the lens when light enters from the top. You can fix this by wearing a cap though.
  4) Tint color reference here
  5) Tinting doesn't change color according to light condition. Tinting is NOT the same as photochromic.
  6) Tinting is not available for 1.67 index or above lenses.
  7) Option cost $18 for 1.57 high index lens, $43 for 1.61 super high index lens.
Tinted, and then 7 layers of anti-reflection coatings will be added to your lens if you choose this option.
  1) Anti-reflection coating cuts 80+% of your own eyes' reflection off the lens. You won't see yourself staring at you at close distance.
  2) However, if you want to look cool behind vivid reflections in the lens, go for regular tint.
  3) Tinting w/ AR coating option not available for 1.67 index or higher lenses.
  4) Option cost $35 for 1.57 high index lens. That includes cost of tinting.
Anti-radiation lenses is what you need if you spend 1/3 of your life in bed and 2/3 in front of a computer. It cuts electromagnetic waves and prevents eye fatigue. 
  1) Anti-radiation lens has all 3 coatings (anti-UV, reflection, scratch).
  2) Option cost $18