Polarized Eyeglasses

  Why we offer customized polarized eyeglasses?
  Fear no glare when you drive! Polarized lenses cuts reflection, and ONLY reflection, off road surfaces and the surrounding.
   cuts polarized light, or, reflection in simple terms, off horizontal surface (roads, leaves, etc.)
while NOT cutting other lights
and thus, less pain in the ... eyes, and less fatigue when you drive.
2 PICs below, taken by Kam, with the same exposure setting in the Canadian Rockies. They were taken 14 seconds apart with and without polarized lens.
withOUT Polarized Lens with Polarized Lens
(click above PIC for enlargement) (click above PIC for enlargement)
aperture f 6.3, shutter 1/400s aperture f 6.3, shutter 1/400s
dazzling reflection from road surface reflection from road greatly reduced
  reflection from nearby trees is also reduced, slightly
area on right has no reflection brightness of area on right NOT reduced 

This is NO digital effect. This is real. Kam was in the middle of the road when the PICs were taken. Still remember someone shouted "THIS IS A HIGHWAY!" and almost knocked Kam off the road. (Mr. Driver, get a pair of polarized eyeglasses if you can't see well in the reflection ... just kidding)
Polarized lenses
  1) Option cost $33
  2) Single vision, high index
  3) Comes with AR coating, UV, and scratch coatings.
  4) Comes in a compulsory 60% gray color (only gray color available)
5) How to order: choose "polarized" option in our order form's option menu

polarized blank lens