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Kam has been wearing eyeglasses for over 20 years. Only in the Summer of 2002, he found the pair of eyeglasses that he would live with happily ever after.
Idea struck. Kam volunteered to help the optical shop which made him that pair of eyeglasses to go online.
Here is how task is allocated between all work parties as of 2006:
Party Years in business Task
Kam 8 - takes care of business aspects and fine tunes internal process for better efficiency
- web site construction
- customer service
- set quality standards, as a picky customer, for all parties
THE associate optical shop 15+ - work process coordination
- technical consultant
THE lens lab 15+ - turns frames and lenses into eyeglasses according to Kam's quality standard
new frame suppliers 5-15 - provide better and cooler frames
new lens suppliers 5-20 - provide lenses with more functions, at affordable prices
We have created:
  1) a business model that has no overhead cost (rent, utility bill, shop keepers' salary...), 
  2) a work process that minimizes wastage and excessive handling, 
  the result is an online version of eyeglasses that can be sold at big discount.

Quality eyeglasses don't have to be expensive - that has been proven in our 4 years of online experience. See testimonials from our customers.

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